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ActCAD Professional 2020 v9.2.710 x64


Actcad , the name of the software engineering and specialized in engineering simulations. The engineers in the field of architecture and other disciplines can help this product is two-dimensional and three-dimensional CAD model of their own. In fact, the product before you as a local product and fast course could be the answer you need is CAD modeling and editing. Benefit from additives, various features of this software can be as efficient tools has led to a comprehensive simulation and modeling software CAD files among users is known.

In making the application ActCAD Professional IntelliCAD engine is used. For modeling and simulation by the software in two ways you can apply to the project. You can choose to or from the interface of the program or the commands (commands) to apply its engineering design and simulation. It also supports a complete set of tools for simulation of two-dimensional and three-dimensional with customization and editing options will be at your disposal.

It also supports a wide range of different formats, including DGN, STL, OBJ, 2D PDF, 3D PDF, SVG, etc. makes this product to be recognized as an efficient among users. However, all versions of DWG and DXF very old versions such as R2.5 to 2018 versions are supported by this program.

Features and Applications ActCAD:

  • The software is used to render Artisan
  • There have been different file format
  • Ability to create and edit tables to provide you
  • Publishing facilities designed for your model
  • Benefit from the Commands (Commands)
  • The ability to enforce and open PDF files designed
  • Perfect compatibility ACIS Kernel-based three-dimensional simulation
  • Benefit from a batch file converter to convert a variety of formats


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