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AFES Foundation Design Software

Foundation design is usually done manually this entailing large manpower needs, which is uneconomical and in turn leads to dificulties in meeting quality requirements and deadlines. The shortness of work period for projects, frequent design changes of super structures, difficulties in assuming the size of foundations for site and the need to check interferences between footing, underground piping, and electrical cable trench, and coordination with other teams are some of the difficulties encountered during a project. With the absence of a one-stop commercial solution that can solve the above mentioned problems, AFES is the system that can produce all the foundation design data needed for the construction of foundations, quickly and economically.
1) Reduce Foundation Design Schedule remarkably
2) Possible to revise design immediately
5) Can automatically produce economic foundation designs
3) Effective manpower operation and improvement
in productivity
4) Can collaborate with subcontractor and partner
6) Standardization of product quality
7) To minimize Human error due to direct data transfer
8) Possible to get high quality estimation

AFES is a comprehensive one-stop solution for all your foundation engineering and design needs. Due to AFES’s capability to make reports, drawings, BOM and 3D CAD data, it is a very powerful solution for the design of equipment and steel structure foundations.

User Friendly Graphic Interface
Automated templates for quick creation of foundation modules.
Powerful grouping ,copy and save options.
Can set various design and material parameters for concrete, soil, pile, rebar, allowance, reduction factors, stability factors, clear covers, etc.
Can be used to design eccentric piers & unsymmetrical pile patterns.
Graphical displays of analysis/design results.
Powerful Foundation Analysis/Design System
Can design conventional and finite element foundations.
Supports international concrete design codes such as ACI 318, BS8110, KCI, GB 50007.
Supports auto design by user defined data.
Interactive design for column, beam and ring wall.
interfaces with Structural Analysis Programs
Automatically imports geometry, load case and combination data from STAAD. Pro, GT Strudl and Sap
Generates Final Construction Drawings
Generates foundation construction drawings in DXF and DWG formats, including detailed construction drawings with bar schedule.
Interfaces with popular 2D CAD solutions such as AutoCAD, Microstation and SmartSketch.
Generates 3D CAD Modeling Data
Generates foundation modeling data in PDS and PDMS with ASCII and Macro files.

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