Beranda SOFTWARE SOFTWARE HYDROLOGY AFT Arrow 7.0.1207 Build 2019.12.11

AFT Arrow 7.0.1207 Build 2019.12.11


AFT Arrow software from Applied Flow Technology for modeling, simulation, fluid dynamics, and calculating the current density is in the pipe. With this application is possible to measure the pressure and density of gases, steam, compressed air, natural gas and petrochemical processes and there, AFT Arrow specially for measuring pipes and ducts transfer fluids, measuring pressures border, size and making the appropriate selection of fans and cooling simulation system operation and interaction between components, evaluate the amount of pipe insulation and heat exchange and finally troubleshooting existing systems used to identify the source of operational problems.

Features and AFT Arrow:

  • Presented the results of calculations and detailed analyzes by different methods
  • The exact model for cooling, compressors, control valves, heat exchangers and other components
  • Analysis compressor and cooling energy costs
  • The analysis of heat exchangers and heat transfer tubes
  • Integrated graphs and reports
  • Built-in libraries for gases and connectors extensibility and customization


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