Beranda SOFTWARE SOFTWARE HYDROLOGY Applied Flow Technology – AFT Titan 4.0

Applied Flow Technology – AFT Titan 4.0


Titan AFT , called software engineering by which it can be smart to get as conduit and plumbing systems. Using this software not only effectively reduces the emission calculation time, but also reduces the cost as well. Using this method, this modern design than the traditional design would be fewer errors.

AFT Titan is so precise and perfect software is designed to be used in the most advanced industries in the world. With this software you can for water, air, natural gas and oil perfect system design. Lower energy consumption by traditional design makes that design is not used nowadays in system design and implementation of the software used.

Using the software before you, you need to be able to do your calculations and models, functional design. The software is designed in a way that is widely used in the industry seriously. Models that are designed perfectly applicable in this application are true.

Features and amenities AFT Titan

  • Design software applications designed to make it enforceable system
  • Assess the cost of various components of your system
  • Just smart to do accurate calculations of your system
  • Helps you to minimize your expenses
  • Benefit from an evaluation system to reduce your costs
  • Automatic selection of the best size for piping, ducts, compressors and …
  • Possibility to simulate and test the system to see preview
  • Take advantage of the online catalog and choose the best system components


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