Beranda SOFTWARE SOFTWARE HYDROLOGY Aquaveo SMS Premium 12.1.06 x64

Aquaveo SMS Premium 12.1.06 x64


Aquaveo SMS software capable of modeling surface waters is increasing. This powerful product all the features required for geometry modeling involves the construction of hydraulic structures, planning, and management’s surveillance data. As well as a variety of rivers and coastal numerical models, including SRH, ADH, RMA2, RMA4, FESWMS, TUFLOW (including AD and several other modules, range and watershed), ADCIRC, STWAVE, WAM, GENCADE, CGWAVE, BOUSS -2D and PTM, and Jzyanha and waves CMS and the forecast application and users can use them according to their needs. Aquaveo SMS based on a flexible design approach is presented. Models created in this program are conceptual precision and accuracy GIS data using objects that have been accelerated. The software also has tools for designing meshes and grid display.

Features and Applications Aquaveo SMS:

  •  The interface is simple and efficient
  • Create interact with three-dimensional models
  • Optimized graphics rendering using OpenGL to improve project
  • Create realistic images thanks to precision rendering engine
  • Ability to create animations for PowerPoint presentations and seminars to offer better tailored to
  • The possibility of annotations (text, arrows, image and logo …) anywhere Project
  • Import and export in different formats (CAD files including dwg, dgn, dxf), raster or bitmap files, data ArcGis and …
  • Having a step by step guides to get acquainted with the features of the software
  • Online user community to respond to user questions
  • Extensive modeling capabilities and analysis as well as analysis rivers, the solute transport, sedimentation rate, tracking particles suspended in water, the flooding in rural and urban areas, modeling of waves and shore …


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