Beranda SOFTWARE SOFTWARE STRUKTUR ATENA – Nonlinear Analysis Software v.3

ATENA – Nonlinear Analysis Software v.3

β€œATENA is a software for analysis of concrete and reinforced concrete structures.”

With ATENA You can simulate real behavior of concrete and reinforced concrete structures including concrete cracking, crushing and reinforcement yielding. ATENA gives youthe power to check and verify their stuctures in a user friendly graphical enviroment.

Proved by over 1000 installations worldwide.

Why To Use ATENA

  • Verification of reinforcement design in critical sections.
  • Support experiments and better understand their results.
  • Design economical structures – ATENA automatically considers internal force redistributations due to cracking, which may result in reinforcement savings.
  • Assesment of existing structures.
  • Discover aditional load carrying capacity.

Modeling Of Reinforcement

Arbitrary reinforcement arrangement can be easily included in the model either as discreete bars or as smeared reinforcement.

Bond failure can be activated just by single click. Prestressing and external cables are supported as well.

Realtime Visualisation Of Results

Only in ATENA the engineers can observe the deformation shape and the cracking pattern even during analysis using the unique and extensive runtime visualisation capabilities.

Crack Visualisation

ATENA supports realistic visualisation of cracks and cracking pattern in all stages of the nonlinear analysis a postprocessing. Cracks can be displayed not only on the surface, but also in the interior. For more realistic visualisation, only the visible cracks can be filtered.

Key Features

  • Simulates the real behaviour of reinforced concrete structures
  • 3D environment
  • User friendly modelling of reinforcement
  • Unigue visualization of crack propagation
  • Real-time display of results even during the nonlinear analysis
  • Based on finite element method and fracture mechanics
  • Advanced material models for concrete, reinforcement, steel, rock, soil and masonry
  • Support for the analysis of modern fibre reinforced concrete materials: SHCC, ECC, HPRFC, UHPFRC
  • Dynamics, statics, creep, thermal and moisture analyses
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