AutoFEM Analysis is the friendly and easy-in-use software for finite element analysis

AutoFEM Analysis can be used by the broad community of engineers working in the field of mechanical and structural designing. You need not be a specialist in the finite element method in order to use AutoFEM Analysis. There are several asked-for modules, which allow for the solving of crucial problems for mechanical and structural engineering. They are as follows:

To make the use of AutoFEM Analysis easier, we have integrated our finite-element solver with the most famous and used computer-aided design (CAD) system in the world –¬†AutoCAD (Autodesk, Inc. USA). Now each user of AutoCAD 2007-2010, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017. can perform the finite element modelling directly in the AutoCAD 3D environment. All that is necessary is to create a three-dimensional (3D) model of the structure. Then you can immediately go to finite element analysis, using our built-in AutoCAD 3D FEA module. It is very easily and conveniently. You need not learn a new interface of the FEA¬†program,¬†because you remain in the AutoCAD environment. You need not perform export/import¬†operations,¬†because AutoFEM Analysis uses the same AutoCAD 3D model. The results of calculations can be saved in¬†dwg¬†file together with the main drawing. Your partner or customer can explore them using his/her computer system. It is fantastic, but it is true!

Moreover, there is one more exciting thing. There is AutoFEM Analysis Lite, which is absolutely free finite element analysis system. You can use it for educational and commercial purposes. Of course, AutoFEM Analysis Lite has some limitations related to the calculation capabilities, but they do not deal with the number of degrees of freedoms, as it normally occurs. This means that you can solve practical problems of your product. All that you need is to have AutoCAD 2007-2017, and download and install AutoFEM Lite. It is easy and worth doing!


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