Beranda SOFTWARE BENTLEY PRODUCTS Bentley CivilStorm CONNECT Edition Update 2 v10.02.02.04

Bentley CivilStorm CONNECT Edition Update 2 v10.02.02.04


Bentley CivilStorm is designed to accurately simulate every aspect of the storm sewer system, including rainfall, surface runoff, interception and discharge, pressure and pressure pipelines, reservoirs for accumulating wastewater, outlets, open channels, culverts, etc.

CivilStorm is a fully dynamic, multi-platform, hydraulic modeling solution developed for the analysis of complex stormwater systems. Engineers can analyze these systems using built-in hydraulic and hydrology tools and a variety of wet-weather calibration methods. From stormwater master plan development to water quality studies, CivilStorm provides an easy-to-use environment for engineers to analyze, design, and operate stormwater systems.
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