Beranda SOFTWARE BENTLEY PRODUCTS Bentley LEAP Bridge Steel CONNECT V18 Update 2 Edition

Bentley LEAP Bridge Steel CONNECT V18 Update 2 Edition


Bentley.Β With this plan, design and modeling of straight and curved bridges of this type is easily possible.Β Use the LEAP Bridge Steel concessions as well as in the model bridge different possibilities for the detailed analysis and advanced structures, your will, just different assessments on the bridge structure to do and end up with full confidence in their projects determined to finish on time and on budget.

Features and LEAP Bridge Steel:

  • Full analysis and design of bridges
  • Clear and Simple User Interface
  • Analysis of the load on the bridge and its behavior in critical condition
  • Ability to work multidisciplinary team to complete the project
  • Design and analysis of bridge superstructure and infrastructure
  • Build bridges to visually with the possibility to change the parameters at any time
  • Building bridges for phase and phase-to-phase


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