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Bentley LumenRT Connect Edition x64


Bentley Lumen RT is a highly efficient and useful software for modeling and animation of 3D buildings and architectures. To use this software, you do not need to be a full-fledged professional in the world of animation and graphics, so you can create your own graphic model. This product has the capabilities that make such models much simpler. With this software, you can model a variety of urban, residential, residential, natural and realistic environments and display beautiful 3D animations.

Using the Bentley LumenRT, you can easily simulate movements such as traffic from traffic. You can move the people, talk them together, simulate the effects of moving wind and shaking the leaves, moving the clouds, streaming water and many more. The program is compatible with products such as MicroStation, Autodesk Revit, Esri CityEngine, Graphisoft ArchiCAD, Trimble Sketchup, and the Bentley LumenRT can be used to integrate existing models into these applications. This software supports gis data well and can have full confidence in the results of animations and models.

Features of Bentley LumenRT:

  •  Simple graphic environment (useful for both beginners and professionals)
  • High quality and realistic animated scenes (like wind blowing, clouds moving, river flow, bird moving, etc.)
  • Simulation and Modeling of Residential, Urban, Construction and …
  • High speed and precision in information processing
  • Compatibility with other related software and import and export from them
  • Matching details with actual maps of the location


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