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Bentley MicroStation PowerDraft CONNECT Edition x64


MicroStation PowerDraft is a powerful application designed for two-dimensional and three-dimensional CAD and mapping is produced and presented by Bentley Systems. This application allows you to design, document, and the intricacies of their projects regardless of the size and complexity do it easily. If you are an architect, engineer, contractor, or a GIS (Geographic Information System) with other software PowerDraft, you can also use CAD modeling and design and to produce higher-value projects. The software’s graphical interface is simple and user-friendly addition to meet the needs of two-dimensional and three-dimensional design, the physical and electronic outputs helps you to get accurate and reliable.

Features and Applications MicroStation PowerDraft:

  • Production and documentation of two-dimensional CAD drawings
  • Making maps, schedules, and reports directly from the two-dimensional and three-dimensional models
  • Automatic annotation based on the characteristics of the object
  • Smart PDF create three-dimensional
  • The possibility of exchanging maps and models with other users
  • Supported formats DWG, DGN, DXF, SHP, 3DM


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