Beranda SOFTWARE BENTLEY PRODUCTS Bentley RAM Connection CONNECT Edition x64

Bentley RAM Connection CONNECT Edition x64


Bentley RAM Connection is enabled products designed for different connections in steel structures. All connections will be shown in three dimensions you. Possibility of fitting AISC (ASD and LRFD), EC3, GB, and BS in this program are available. Different parts of the columns, the anchor plate can connect to each other.

Due to the combination of three-dimensional design workflow This program will do these things very simple and enjoyable.

Features and Bentley RAM Connection:

  •  The simple user interface and powerful
  • The possibility of analyzing the load on the columns and connections made
  • Seismic analysis in order to gauge the strength of the connections made in terms of load
  • Design and analysis of structural models
  • Ability to design and optimize maximum Steel
  • Ability to simulate load conditions with the possibility of changing the parameters alive
  • Ability to design building structures
  • Complete project documentation, BOM list and …
  • Ability to create two-dimensional models of the three-dimensional model Project
  • The use of international standards.


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