Beranda SOFTWARE BENTLEY PRODUCTS Bentley RAM Structural System CONNECT Edition (CL) x64

Bentley RAM Structural System CONNECT Edition (CL) x64


Bentley’s RAM Structural System popular product company to design building structures such as steel and concrete.

The strength of high-speed RAM Structural System is designed in part. In addition, design engineers are able to help software has been designed to be a comprehensive analysis of structures. This analysis will affect on your design improvements enabling the optimization of smart structures will be integrated in one place. It is noteworthy that the results are very good and you can attach documentation of the project.

This saves time and money will be significant. The RAM Structural System is widely used in concrete and metal, and even designed a number of towers in the world, the ability of the program is used. Another interesting thing about this program is made possible to easily share data with other engineering programs such as Revit, Tekla, and more. At the same time due to the ability to enjoy the features of this product can benefit from the capabilities of other software.


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