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About SACS
SACS is an integrated finite element structural analysis package of applications for the design of offshore structures. The automated workflows and graphical interactive redesign capabilities improve project efficiency. SACS includes the latest offshore structural design standards for offshore structure compliance. The unified analysis environment enables the efficient exploration of alternatives and optimization. By using Bentley’s scenario services cloud computing capability, users can drastically decrease the run time for analysis types requiring thousands of time history analysis for fatigue and strength design for offshore wind turbine platforms. SACS has a comprehensive interface to Bentley’s ProjectWise application allowing users to collaborate on projects from multiple locations.

Bentley SACS a comprehensive package of software that services the analysis, design and construction of offshore structures such as gas, oil, wind farms provide platforms and decks.

This application serves as an expert in the analysis is especially important in all offshore projects there include: analysis of non-linear structure, analyze the response dynamic based on wind or curves, waves, current, and loads Earthquake Analysis for Effects.  SACS can be coated tubular structures, foundations and beams, and the deck is modeled as well as a complete analysis of the life cycle of exhaustion does.

In addition to supporting the application of the code and the Czech design specifications of international maritime power, Bentley SACS with the development of features such as the 64-bit software, speed multiprocessor of it, and reusability of data by the integrity of the unconditionally with other Bentley products by ISM increases.

Offshore turbines for designers, Bentley SACS can be used with other software that includes features are integrated GH Bladed and FAST.

Facilities and general features of Bentley SACS:

– wave analysis

– Analysis of Wind

– Analyze together / apart completely

– Analysis of corrosion and wear

– Static Marine Pack Pro

– Added functionality nonlinear elasticity

– Engage the soil column

– enhanced dynamic package burnout

– Redesign and accurate assessment of the life cycle of burnout


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