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Bentley SewerGEMS CONNECT Edition v10.02.01.04


SewerGEMS is a software company from Bentley’s popular company for optimal modeling of sewage ducts and urban sewage systems. The program has made the modeling process clear and straightforward. Therefore, you will have more time to think about sewage engineering issues, including optimizing the capacity of the ducts and drainage channels to prevent overflow issues. Another benefit that this app will have for you is to automatically observe the standards and regulations of the regulatory agencies. Therefore, your modeling will always be based on the latest standards of the day and will be legal.

This software has various capabilities for engineers. For example, there are various tools for mapping, designing, managing, and storing sanitary sewage in this software, which will, of course, help you improve the modeling process. This software has provided various tools for collaborative decision making. For example, there are plenty of ways for you to design and model these systems so that, for example, if this is happening, what should we do, or what else will happen.

Understanding the current model and its full understanding of sewage systems will help you deliver solutions and make good decisions. It also provides a variety of tools to optimize the models, by which you can easily identify the weaknesses of the model and take action to solve it. It provides the best model calibration systems that you can design the best possible model. The biggest advantage of this product is a simple and beautiful design, plus complete tutorials and documentation. Using SewerGEMS will reduce your financial and time costs and increase the accuracy and optimization of your models.


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