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Cable Stayed Bridges

The cable stayed bridge is an elegant, economical and efficient structure. Virtually unknown 40 years ago, these bridges have become increasingly important as their properties have been more fully understood. They have recently proved to be highly cost-effective for short to medium spans. The second edition of this extremely popular book has been updated and enhanced to cover the rapid technological progress in this field. Exceptionally well illustrated, the book examines all aspects of the design of cable stayed bridges. Starting with a brief history, it addresses general design criteria and current technology, as well as static and dynamic analysis. The illustrations provide numerous examples of structures already built and document their critical parameters, including examples of outstanding structures that have recently been completed. The chapter dealing with stay technology has been thoroughly updated to take into account the new, better quality products available from cable suppliers. The results of extensive experimental investigations concerning cable stayed bridges with slender decks, mentioned briefly in the first edition, are also presented here. The state-of-the-art analysis, design and construction associated with this kind of structure is clearly described in this book, making it an invaluable tool for practicing engineers and for students. Cable Stayed Bridges provides an easy introduction to a new field in bridge construction and is the most comprehensive book available on the subject. Brief contents: Historical review; General design; Parametric study; Stay technology; Static design; Dynamic analysis; Examples of small and medium-span cable stayed bridges; Model tests of a cable stayed bridge with slender concrete deck.
Penulis,: R Walther
Penerbit,:Thomas Telford
Bahasa,: English
Halaman,: 236 hal
Format,: Pdf
Ukuran,: 42.8 Mb


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