Chemstations CHEMCAD Suite


CHEMCAD engineering software with a set of visual tools for simulation of chemical processes. CHEMCAD upgrade feature allows users depending on their needs in industrial and special process, plug-ins and other features for the software purchase.

Suite applications and tools including a set Chemcad : 

CC-STEADY Style:  software simulation of chemical processes, including libraries of components Chemistry, Thermodynamics and facilities for the management of the steady-state simulation using interconnected processes in the laboratory and larger scales.

Ideal for: Users who want a stable atmosphere, special processes, design, or to assess their existing processes.

CC-DYNAMICS:  simulation tools that simulations of steady-state chemical process to upgrade it to a dynamic analysis, has comfortable and user-friendly. Features of this tool is endless: the Czech, loop tuning PID, user training and even online analytical controls the process and having the ability to soft sensors.

Ideal for: Users who want to design or assessment processes are dynamic.

CC-THERM:  tool design and evaluation of heat exchanger as a separate add-on software. It is possible to use different materials and several international standard for heat exchanger design faster and more accurately to the user. This software shell and tube exchangers, surface and wireframe, cold air, the two tubes are included. Accurate designs using the application obtained on the basis of physical property and phase equilibrium data are based.

Ideal for: Users who want to create their own heat exchanger or the transformers that have developed to try. Also available for those who want to exchange in a new and different environment assessment and do shows, will apply.

Network CC-SAFETY:  simulation tool that enables networking careful analysis of the piping network. Using a combination of the latest computing tools, fast and accurate answers to users.

Ideal for: Users who want to design or evaluate their network of pipes or systems available to ensure security.

As well as various other tools for calculations, composition, balance, balance and predict their behavior, and detailed instructions for using hand calculations from independent software plug-ins, some of the other features of this software.


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