Beranda SOFTWARE SOFTWARE GEOTEKNIK Deep Excavation DeepEX / DeepFND 2017 / SnailPlus 2012

Deep Excavation DeepEX / DeepFND 2017 / SnailPlus 2012


Deep Excavation DeepEX, the name of the software engineering and specialized in the design and simulation of deep drilling. Software before you are actually able to require deep excavation projects in the field of modeling, structural and geotechnical issues to be properly accountable. In fact, this product can help you make the best possible advance their excavation projects. Integrated solutions and reliable software makes it so that you can fit in a well cut your engineering projects.

Software Deep Excavation DeepEX well as a wide range of services and capabilities to users has brought. Other features of the product’s ability to analyze slope stability. This means that you will not need another external slope stability analysis software and the program will be able to respond to your needs in this area. The software is the only product on the field before you dig that your project cost estimates. Other features of this product is to provide accurate reports.

Compatible with a wide range of design standards the United States and Europe, such as AISC, ACI, AASHTO, AS 3600, BS, BS 5950-2000, EC2, EC3, EC7, DIN, DM08 and so led you to this application to choose your model of drilling.

Facilities and software features Deep Excavation DeepEX:

  • Benefit from a very convenient and efficient user interface
  • Save time exploring deep in your very special project
  • Simulation of geotechnical and structural design projects in both excavation
  • Provide accurate and detailed reports of your projects
  • The estimated cost of the project based on recorded data
  • Comply with all sorts of standards in this field
  • And…

Also DeepFND software for advanced design and application Deep Foundation Snail Plus for analysis of soil nailing applications from other software companies are Deep Excavation.


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