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Deep Excavation RCsolver Tutorials, Videos and Learning Materials

RCsolver is a software for the design and assessment of reinforced concrete structural members. It performs all the calculations described in the Eurocodes for the calculation of tensile and shear reinforcement of the structural members. RCsolver provides a unique 3D presentation capability of the members and the reinforcement rebars. It comes packed with Eurocode 2 and 8 specifications, as well as the national annexes specifications of a great amount of European countries.

Training – why are the training videos so essential?
Deep Excavation offers different training videos for many of our leading products:

  • With the first view of our videos, you will be able to quickly master RCsolver and get familiar with all of its capabilities;
  • Training in RCsolver can lead to time-saving design of concrete members;

Example 1: T-section beam design
Example 2: G-section beam design
Example 3: Rectangular column design
Example 4: Circular column design
Example 5: Two-ways reinforced slab design
Example 6: One-way reinforced slab design
RCsolver Theory Manual  
RCsolver User’s Manual

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