Beranda CIVIL ENGINEERING PROGRAM SAP Design Comparison between SAP2000 and SAFE

Design Comparison between SAP2000 and SAFE


We have been lately notifying unjustified reinforcement when using SAFE models for raft foundations supported on soil. This situation was mainly detected in case of irregular geometry of models, unsymmetrical grids of columns, shear walls near the edge of the raft, etc… The above pushed us to contact the “CSI Technical Support” (refer to Appendix A) and we were advised to use the internal method (Wood-Armer) along with thick plate analysis in case of point loads (Raft foundations, Transfer slabs…refer to Appendix B). In what follows, two shell examples (raft foundation and suspended slab) will be the subject of a study to compare between the analysis made by SAP2000 and the analysis made by SAFE using both the nodal method and the internal method (Wood-Armer). The results of this study will be adopted as a base for all horizontal shell designs.


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