Beranda DRAWING/BIM AUTOCAD Drawing an Accessible Restroom Layout in AutoCAD

Drawing an Accessible Restroom Layout in AutoCAD


In this AutoCAD tutorial you’ll learn how to use simple tools and commands to draft a code compliant restroom facility in AutoCAD.We’ll begin by taking a look at the scope of our project and also any code issues we need to follow in order to make sure our facility is compliant. Once we know the rules we’ll begin using the tools. We’ll start by drawing some reference lines to mark key placement areas for our fixtures.

From there, we’ll use the Tool Palette to quickly place and position fixtures in our facility. We’ll also learn how to quickly create custom fixtures that we’ll convert to blocks for use on future projects. Once the layout is complete we’ll save it as a block for future use as well.

By the end of this AutoCAD training you’ll be familiar with AutoCAD’s basic tools and commands, in addition to understanding the process of working with code compliance.


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