GEO5 Suite 2020


GEO5 is a large suite of software that provides users with comprehensive solutions for performing tasks and solving geotechnical problems. This set of features such as strength analysis of sloping surfaces and MSE wallsOffers excavation design, complex gabion and plan design, surface foundation, deep foundation, subsidence analysis, underpasses and axes, geological survey, and field testing. The GEO5 suite contains many applications, all of which have the same user interface, but each of which is responsible for validating a type of structure. These applications are fully interconnected and can move data between each other. GEO5 allows you to compare two standalone solutions and allows you to combine analysis methods and finite element solutions (FEM). This package has many standards and methods and is a universal tool for engineers around the world.

Features and specifications of GEO5 software suite:

  • Analysis by FEM method
  • Stability analysis of ramps
  • Analysis of tunnels and steady flow of soil mass
  • Design and evaluation of foundations
  • Guard wall design
  • Calculate soil pressure
  • Design of gabion walls
  • Calculate soil subsidence
Key features:
  • Stability Calculations – Check the stability of slopes, rock walls and fortified embankments.
  • Fencing structures – designing and checking the enclosing structures of foundation pits, underground structures.
  • Walls and supporting structures – Due diligence of walls and gabion structures.
  • Shallow foundations – checking the bearing capacity and settlement of individual strip and slab foundations.
  • Deep foundations – checking the bearing capacity and settlement of piles and pile clusters.
  • Settlement – calculation of settlement and consolidation, settlement of shallow and deep foundations.
  • Tunnels and Shafts – Analyze tunnels, underground structures, and vertical shafts.
  • Geological surveys – creating a model of the tunnel and base layers based on geological survey data.
  • Field Tests – Structural calculations based on field test data (SPT, CPT, DMT, PMT)


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