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Content of this Lecture Series

  • Fundamentals
  • Geometry
  • Definition of¬†Material Properties
  • Trial Slip Surface
  • Pore Water Pressure Conditions
  • Concentrated Loads and Reinforcement
  • Anchors
  • Nails
  • Geo Fabric
  • Other Reinforcements
  • Seismic and Dynamic Stability
  • Probabilistic Analysis

GeoStudio 2012: SLOPE/W 
SLOPE/W is the leading slope stability CAD software product for computing the factor of safety of earth and rock slopes. SLOPE/W can effectively analyze both simple and complex problems for a variety of slip surface shapes, pore-water pressure conditions, soil properties, analysis methods and loading conditions.

Using limit equilibrium, SLOPE/W can model heterogeneous soil types, complex stratigraphic and slip surface geometry, and variable pore-water pressure conditions using a large selection of soil models. Slope stability analyses can be performed using deterministic or probabilistic input parameters. Stresses computed by a finite element stress analysis may be used in addition to the limit equilibrium computations, for the most complete slope stability analysis available.

With this comprehensive range of features, SLOPE/W can be used to analyze almost any slope stability problem you will encounter in your geotechnical, civil, and mining engineering projects.

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