Beranda SOFTWARE SOFTWARE GEOTEKNIK Geotomo RES2DINV 4.8.10 / RES3DINV 3.14.21 x64

Geotomo RES2DINV 4.8.10 / RES3DINV 3.14.21 x64


RES2DINV and Res3Dinv , two software engineering and geological area is specialized in electrical check.Software before you of very good quality and power uses. Tools included in this software you will be completely useful.

You need to both or one of the two software RES2DINV – RES3DINV use. In areas where almost two-dimensional geological structures you’ll need software RES2DINV. Also similarly, when the three-dimensional structure you are needed you will need RES3DINV. Two software before you completely different mapping such as land, underwater and interactive mapping support. Both software tools to optimize the benefit exact and approximate square.

Features and RES2DINV and RES3DINV;

  • Advanced search in the area of ​​electrical engineering and geology
  • Study of two-dimensional (RES2DINV) and three-dimensional (RES3DINV)
  • Support for land mapping, snorkeling and mutual
  • Support Wenner (alpha, beta, gamma)
  • Supports exact and approximate optimization methods
  • Support for smooth rotation and reverse (smooth and sharp constrasts inversions)
  • And…


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