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Golden Software Voxler v4.6.913

Golden Software Voxler is an innovative way to graphically represent 3D data. It allows you to import data from various sources and create high-quality graphs that reflect the complex relationships between the data. Golden Software Voxler is a multi-functional interactive graphical environment for processing models and data of any complexity. A user-friendly interface provides quick visualization, evaluation, research and verification of your data.
Golden Software Voxler can be used in various fields:
  • In geology (when working with three-dimensional data on wells) and petrography, for seismic studies.
  • In meteorology, to study the atmosphere by collecting and processing three-dimensional data.
  • In oceanology, to study water temperature, salinity and pollution.
  • In biology and medicine (for conducting ultrasound studies).
  • In engineering, statistics, seismology, etc.
Key Specifications:
  • The ability to create isosurfaces allows you to expand the capabilities of the contour graph and depict the surface of constant values ​​in three dimensions. You can depict several isosurfaces on the same graph, choosing for each its own color and degree of transparency.
  • On the volumetric graph, each element of the three-dimensional grid is assigned a color and a transparency level. The ClipPlane function allows you to cut at any angle.
  • The contour graph displays lines of constant plane values. You can place the plane and contours at any angle.
  • In height field graphs, data is indicated by different colors on a rectangular plane located in three-dimensional space, or on a two-dimensional curved grid. The amplitude of the data is represented as a shift up or down perpendicular to this plane or curved grid.
  • The flow line graph displays the particle path in the velocity field, the distribution of average velocities in three-dimensional space. The color indicates the amplitude of the speeds.
  • The vector graph depicts lines or vectors indicating the direction and amplitude of the values ​​of the components of a three-dimensional grid or point dataset. The amplitude of the values ​​is indicated by the length and color of the vector.
  • The scatter plot displays characters in the coordinate space (XYZ) specified in the data file. If the data file contains values ​​for each point, these values ​​are indicated in different colors.
  • You can place several cut-off planes at different angles in any graph to display only that area of ​​interest.
  • Voxler allows you to create a uniform three-dimensional grid using the inverse distance method and the local polynomial for XYZC data with scatter (XYZ coordinates with a value of C). You can also calculate various indicators within a given search radius, including the minimum, maximum and average value, quartiles, standard deviation, variance, abundance, density and distance to the nearest or farthest point.
  • Voxler provides you with various options for performing calculations, including filters to avoid duplicate points, delete data based on the values ​​of the X, Y, Z axes or data, calculate various metrics and process images. Additional modules allow you to perform calculations simultaneously with three files containing three-dimensional graphs, combine up to five such files, re-select, work with subsets and perform conversion operations.
  • You can add lighting to the graph using options such as diffused light, illuminator, directional light, light spot, lighting with a point source of light, and also choose the color, intensity and direction of lighting. You can use the Dragger graphics tool to place light sources.


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