Beranda SOFTWARE SOFTWARE DRAWING & DESAIN MagiCAD 2019 UR-2 for AutoCAD / Revit 2016-2019 x64

MagiCAD 2019 UR-2 for AutoCAD / Revit 2016-2019 x64


MagiCAD for AutoCAD software to design residential and industrial installations. This product is integrated AutoCAD perfect environment and facilities engineers can be part of building the facilities such as electricity, plumbing, mechanical parts and design in AutoCAD environment to do. The program is fully compatible with the latest version of AutoCAD The 2017 version is of course possible to use these tools in previous versions of AutoCAD are available. With this tool, you can easily map guide designed to map your Home, electrical wiring of the building do while just due to the current diameter of the cable will also determine if the flow rate set for cable is greater than the capacity of warnings necessary planning to that program. You can also do a variety of calculations based on the weight of the cable diameter.

It provides the ability to map very well in the plumbing and air conditioning systems for residential and industrial buildings, and therefore it is a huge possibility for this purpose has predicted. In fact, high volume capabilities of this section will have the most complex maps for any type of plumbing materials design. Ability to export data with the latest version of IFC 4 is possible. At the end of MagiCAD design gives you the ability to click to a list of items needed (BOM) to implement the facility to get. Use this list can be implemented in the real world map. In this application, you can use different measurement units and at any moment you will have the ability to switch between different units.


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