Beranda DRAWING/BIM AUTOCAD Managing Line Weights and Linetype in AutoCAD

Managing Line Weights and Linetype in AutoCAD


In this set of tutorials we’ll take a look at how managing line weights properly can help you create easy to read, professional looking drawings in AutoCAD.

We’ll begin by making sure our layers are set and all line work is assigned to the proper layer. From there, we’ll assign color to our layers so that line work can be differentiated visually through color. Next we’ll adjust Lineweights to direct the reader’s focus on what’s most important in the drawing. From there, we’ll adjust Linetype for things like topography lines and property lines. Finally we’ll learn how to use Plot Styles to choose how we want our drawing to appear once it’s printed.

By the end of this training you’ll know how to use layers, color, Line weight, type and scale to enhance your drawings.


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