Beranda DRAWING/BIM AUTOCAD Mastering AutoCAD – Create 2D and 3D Models in AutoCAD

Mastering AutoCAD – Create 2D and 3D Models in AutoCAD

Learn from scratch everything in AutoCAD software and create amazing 2D and 3D models
This course is designed both for the beginners and more advanced AutoCAD users. The instructor starts with the basics, such us moving, copying, scaling, grouping items, and working on layers. The course is constructed to satisfy the needs of beginners as well as more advanced users. For this course you need to have one of the AutoCAD versions. The trainer uses 2013 version. If you have never worked with AutoCAD, a logical sequence of lessons will enable you to quickly remember all its features. More advanced AutoCAD users will surely appreciate examples that demonstrate how to organize the work with many drawings by, for example, organizing layers, grouping items, creating styles, moving items form one drawing to the other, printing and creating your own libraries. AutoCAD software is a common CAD design tools used by professionals around the world. The program is used in different industrial and business areas, such as interior design, architecture, mapping, surveying, manufacturing, electronics, landscaping, and electrical, mechanical, or environmental engineering. It enables design, drafting and documentation.Starting with understanding the Interface of AutoCAD 2013, this course will take you to advanced features in AutoCAD. With the wide applications of AutoCAD in Mechanical, Architecture and Civil fields, this is one software that you need to know to put down your engineering ideas on paper.


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