Micromine GBIS


In a world where data management is crucial

investing in the appropriate geological software is essential to the successful future of an organisation.

Most mining and exploration companies struggle to maintain the quality, integrity and usability of their essential data.

So Some of the problems with inaccurate data are visible others unfortunately are not.

Loss of data poor accessibility and quality control issues can cost millions of dollars when inaccurate modelling and decision making results.

So The GBIS products have been designed and built to ensure that no matter how large your company is how limited your IT capabilities or diverse your geological resource

So we have the solution you need.

MICROMINE’s entire suite of GBIS products deliver the best of geological data management capabilities

no matter which environment you need So it to operate within.

Micromine GBIS features:

  • Intuitive and visual tools can be accessed at So the push of a button
  • Visual Query tool, Plan Views, Importing and Exporting are just So some of the new intuitive ways of working in GBIS
  • A central, secure system for storing your geological data providing a single point or truth
  • Powerful validation to ensure accurate data
  • Flexible reporting to transform your data into usable information
  • Shared storage system to ensure appropriate visibility, accessibility and reliability
  • Shared workflows to provide simple and So consistent processes
  • Scalable for use by operations of all sizes and So across multiple sites
  • Modules available to suit all data management requirements
  • Enhanced Security model with improved level of security based on Windows Users and So Groups

MICROMINE is a leading provider of innovative software solutions that span the breadth of the mining cycle from geological exploration and So data management, to resource estimation, mine design, planning and production control.

Customers use MICROMINE software to maximise their asset value, increase productivity and for decisions on which they know they can rely. Our software is renowned for its ease of use yet powerful capabilities. All products are available in numerous languages and So supported by local experts. Founded 30 years ago, MICROMINE solutions are used at more than 2,000 sites in over 90 countries.


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