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Modelling Ground Movement Using Oasys Xdisp


Movement in the ground can have a dramatic effect on existing structures. How do you predict ground settlement due to tunneling, excavations or mining in three dimensions from inputting values to checking results? How do you assess the damage to structures and utilities?

Xdisp enables engineers to define and analyse even the most complex three dimensional problems quickly. Easy to set up and use, Xdisp is relied upon by leading engineering firms around the world on some of the biggest tunneling and excavation projects.

The webinar will:

• Give a brief overview of Xdisp and its use in industry
• Demonstrate the simplicity of setting up a file using the graphical input feature
• Demonstrate how the Building and Utility damage features can be incorporated into the analysis
• Introduce the audience to useful shortcuts and tips to enable proficient modeling
• Outline simple checks that the user can utilize for outputs

Previous Oasys webinars have focused on the theory and modeling methods behind Xdisp but the upcoming webinar will focus on demonstrating how simply and quickly Xdisp can be used to model ground movement and assess building damage from scratch. Not only will this show the software’s capability but seasoned users can join in to check the application of new features and useful shortcuts.


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