Beranda Teknik Sipil MX Road Tutorial: Redesign and Rehabilitation

MX Road Tutorial: Redesign and Rehabilitation

In this course, you will learn how to best use MX to design a new road using the template method. You will also learn how to redesign, resurface, reconstruct, or re-align an existing road, as part of a road improvement scheme.

  1. What is required Lecture
  2. Surface Checker and Editing Tools
  3. Surface Analysis
  4. Best Fit Horizontal
  5. Best Fit Vertical
  6. Scheme Control Panel
  7. Define Surfaces Wizard
  8. Corridor Design
  9. Additional Corridor Design Options
  10. Through Visibility Lecture
  11. Pavement Layer Design
  12. Fitted Pavement Layers
  13. Convert to 6D Master String Lecture
  14. Tabular Method and Crossfall
  15. Parametric Fitting Tabular
  16. Testing the Design
  17. Pavement Sections and Reports Lecture


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