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Primavera P6 Professional 17.7


The Primavera P6 cloud version has been getting monthly updates since the beginning of this year, so users of that system have enjoyed version 17.1 – 17.7 so far.

As you would expect, these releases are bringing new features and functions online, particularly in the Primavera P6 EPPM web version.

So What’s in Primavera P6 Version 17.7?

You’ll probably be very pleased to hear that many more pages have been rewritten in HTML5 and some new ones are now offered as well. This is excellent news because these pages don’t use the Java plugin and are therefore way more responsive and easier to maintain.  Over the last six months worth of releases, the new and updated pages breakout like this:

Pages Updated to HTML5 in P6 17.7

  • Activity Network (Including Trace Logic)
  • Print and Print Preview
  • Document Viewer

HTML5 Page added in P6 17.6

  • Assignments page (this includes resource allocation analysis)

Pages updated to HTML5 in Primavera P6 version 17.5

  • Capacity Planning (scenarios not available in the new standard view)
  • Import/Export from the Activities page. This enhancement to the Activities page also allows Classic (Java) and Standard (HTML5) views to be exported and then imported as Standard user views.

Updated to HTML5 in version 17.4

  • Manage Portfolios
  • Open Portfolios
  • And enhance in the same release:
  • Add WBS Notes, including their activities on the Activities page
  • Add columns for Project, WBS, and Activity UDFs on the Resource Assignments page

Updated to HTML5 in version 17.3

  • View calendar: EPS, Activities, Resource Assignments, and Resource Administration pages
  • Dashboards: My Issues Portlet
  • New Administration tab (this appears to the right of the Reports tab)

Updated to HTML5 in version 17.2

  • Global and Project Schedule Services have been updated to HTML5 and streamlined into a single page (available from the Administer menu)
  • Dashboards: Customize Dashboard Pickers, My Calendar Portlet
  • Status Updates: this page added to the new Approvals section, along with the Timesheet approvals
  • My Preferences

Enhanced Pages in this release include:

  • The Resource Assignment page to support multiple views
  • The EPS page now includes Global Search and Replace

Updated to HTML5 in version 17.1

  • User Interface Views
  • Update Existing Users from LDAP

And the following existing page enhancements include:

  • Duration and project UDF values roll up (for example to the EPS or WBS levels)
  • Move Left and Move Right options are available, to reposition an item in the WBS, EPS or other hierarchy
  • Interval-based grouping has been added

Other Enhancements

With all this HTML5 being added, there is now the option to Enable or Disable applets so you can basically remove the Java based pages for selected users. As the pages are enhanced and more and more of the Java based functionality is removed, this will become an extremely valuable feature.

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