Beranda CIVIL ENGINEERING PROGRAM MICROSOFT PROJECT Project 2013 for Resource Planning and Project Management

Project 2013 for Resource Planning and Project Management


Microsoft Project helps project managers in plan development, budget control, resources allocation, tracking progress, and reviewing workloads. This is applicable multiple sectors from IT, manufacturing, construction, to healthcare projects. You might think that simple Excel might solve the density for you but you it will impede your progress for complex projects and Microsoft Project 2013 come really handy in that case.

This course includes skill-building in each of the basic functions of Microsoft Project 2013 such as setting up project files, creating tasks, linking and timing tasks, creating resources, assigning tasks, reporting project information, etc. The training course provides an understanding and practice of Project management concepts applicable in real world.

This course will cover following topics:
·Plan and manage project schedules, milestones and resources
·Optimize plans and organize calendars
·Setting baselines, tracking progress and variances (target vs. actual)
·Constructing and changing dependencies
·Assign resources to tasks and troubleshoot over-allocation conflicts
·Create reports and dashboards to effectively share project data

·Others: Working and The Non-Working Time, Manual and Auto-Scheduling, Task Splitting, Date Constraint, Overtime, Gantt Chart, Slack, Critical Paths, Peak, Milestone Tasks, Task Allocation & Dependencies, Duration, Work and Units

We will also learn few time saving techniques such as: modifying dependencies so that tasks can start sooner, creating overlapping dependencies, reducing the amount of slack on individual tasks, breaking larger tasks into smaller chunks and drive project using parallel tasks, outsourcing in case of resource constraints, etc. This tutorial is designed for beginners where they will develop important skills in planning a project and using project management software. After the completion of the course, learners are able to effortlessly conduct all basic tasks to create and track projects. Working files are included for the chapter, allowing you to follow along with the author throughout the lessons.

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