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Revit MEP 2017 Training

 Language   English
 Duration   4 Hrs
 Format  .MP4
 Size   2.5 Gb
MEP (mechanical, electrical, and plumbing) design is one of the major components of the BIM chain—and Revit is the design tool of choice for many MEP engineers. This course focuses on the MEP features of Revit 2017, the latest version of the software. It’s designed for the novice user who prefers to work in imperial units (inches and feet). The videos are broken down into trades, as follows:

  • Electrical
  • Mechanical
  • Plumbing
  • Fire protection
  • General MEP workflows and trade coordination

You can dive into a specific trade, or take the entire course to learn about all aspects of the vast Revit MEP ecosystem. Upon completion, you’ll know how to create basic floor plans, design electric circuits and lighting systems, model air intake and exhaust systems, create plumbing plans, and design fire alarm and sprinkler systems, and document your designs for construction and fabrication.

Topics include:

  • Touring the Revit interface
  • Linking to other models
  • Creating floor plans
  • Adding electrical panels, circuits, lighting, switches, conduit, and cables
  • Creating a mechanical project
  • Adding air terminals and ducting
  • Sizing and tagging ducts
  • Creating a plumbing view
  • Adding supply piping and sanitary piping
  • Creating fire protection fire alarm systems
  • Adding sprinklers
  • Importing CAD models in Revit 2017
  • Working with text and dimensions
  • Modeling fabrication parts
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