Beranda CIVIL ENGINEERING PROGRAM SAP SAP2000 Complete Course From Beginner To Pro

SAP2000 Complete Course From Beginner To Pro


This course titled ” SAP2000 Complete Course: From Beginner To Pro” teaches you all the things required for the structural analysis and design of a residential building. This course doesn’t require you to have any prior experience in this software or any other structural design software. It will teach the all the aspects of the software from very basic and will take you to the higher levels of the software as the course progresses. The course has been very systematically arranged so that you can best understand the software. Once you complete this course, you will have all the necessary knowledge to do structural design of a building. You can do structural design of buildings on your own projects.

We spent years at college but yet there are some topics that are overlooked in the engineering syllabus but are important in working fields. This course titled ” SAP2000 Complete Course: From Beginner To Pro” has been created in order to fill that void and help students start out with a structural design software. SAP2000 is a structural analysis and design software developed by csiamerica. It is a very powerful software that can design almost any kind of civil engineering structure.

SAP2000 is used for the design of beam and columns only. So, design of slab and footing has not been covered but these topics will also be covered using other software so that students get a complete package of the course. Unlike other courses available online which only teach you tools of SAP2000 and not the actual process of analysis and design, this course takes a real world architectural drawing of a building so as to explain the entire process from modelling upto the design.

Who this course is for:
  • Civil engineering students who wish to learn SAP2000 for structural analysis and design.
  • Civil engineering graduates who wish to pursue their career in structural analysis and design of buildings.

Course Topics

66 lectures 04:54:12

1 lecture 01:00

To SAP2000 Introduction
2 lectures 22:00

Of Building Modeling
10 lectures 43:43

Application Load
8 lectures 26:39

Lateral Loads of Application
4 lectures 15:54

Source Mass Defining, Diaphragm and Meshing The Slab
3 lectures 15:11

The Building in SAP2000 Designing and Analyzing
3 lectures 13:59

Design Checks To Be Made Post
7 lectures 17:56

Members of Structural Detailing
4 lectures 28:45

The Design Optimizing
4 lectures 05:32

Analysis and Design Pushover
8 lectures 27:49

Spectrum Analysis and Design Response
5 lectures 14:52

2 lectures 10:49

[Bonus Section] Preliminary Design, Seismic Weight, Calculation Base Shear
5 lectures 50:03


Penulis :
Bahasa : English
Durasi : 04:54:00
Format : mp4
Ukuran : 3.05 GB


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