Beranda TUTORIAL OTHER Structural Concrete Design using ADAPT Builder

Structural Concrete Design using ADAPT Builder

Strength design and alternative load and strength reduction factor theories of reinforced concrete. Design of beams, slabs, compression members, foundations and building frames. Design project required. Prerequisite: CE 160. Misc/Lab: Lecture 2 hours/design period 3 hours
Video 1
This video takes students through the basic steps of modeling, analyzing and designing a single-level concrete floor system using ADAPT-Floor. The floor system is constructed using columns, beams and a slab.
Video 2
This video takes students through the options of loading, analysis, changing of geometry, and viewing of analysis results.
Video 3
This video starts by adding footings to an existing multilevel model and continues with the analysis and design of them. The analysis uses compression only soil springs and the loads generated by the multilevel structure. The footing design process covers the checking of allowable soil pressure and calculation of required reinforcement.
Video 4
This video covers the process of skipping live load and designing the cantilever for the envelope of all load combinations.

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