Beranda REVIT REVIT ARCHITECTURE Successfully Migrating from AutoCAD to Revit

Successfully Migrating from AutoCAD to Revit

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In this Revit tutorial, we’re going to learn how to easily transition from the world of AutoCAD into the Revit world and BIM.Some of your key takeaways from this course will be learning how to navigate the Revit interface and where the basic toolsets are located. You’ll also learn the Revit
hierarchy of elements, how to link in Revit and AutoCAD files and finally setup strategies and processes to increase productivity.By the end of this Revit training, you’ll have the ability to navigate through Revit, utilize existing content from AutoCAD and make sense of the processes and workflows that
Revit uses.

  • Introduction and project overview
  • Introduction to the Revit interface
  • Understanding the hierarchy of Revit
  • Worksharing, links and central files in Revit
  • Starting your Revit project template
  • Understanding family editing and view symbols
  • Linking and importing AutoCAD into Revit
  • Utilizing previously created AutoCAD content in Revit
  • Setting up sheets and title blocks
  • Standard details and sheet workflow in Revit
  • Schedules and parameters
  • Setting up revisions in Revit
  • Revit is four dimensional
  • Understanding areas and rooms in Revit
  • Summarization
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