Beranda SOFTWARE SOFTWARE SURVEY DAN PEMETAAN Terrasolid Suite 2019 v19 for Bentley Microstation

Terrasolid Suite 2019 v19 for Bentley Microstation


Terrasolid Suite useful set of software engineering for the processing of remote sensing and LIDAR data to mapping, design and data analysis are included. Civil engineers, designers, building managers and planners are all potential users of this product. Most of these programs are designed for Bentley products. These programs are more specialized capabilities to add basic amenities Bentley products.

Engineers with the ability of Terrasolid Suite can increase the speed and accuracy of doing things. Geography and map software TerraScan activists aerial LiDAR data can be easily processed, classes and the same process. This information Finally, three-dimensional view of the geographical area intended to give professionals.

TerraSlave another application for processing large volumes of data created by laser Asknrhast. The program combines the previous application suitable for heavy Prdzashhay on a network of computers. The program has a simple and easy to use various features of the heaviest tasks to be accomplished.

TerraPhoto other software to process images in this collection is collected from the surveys. The program combines intelligent processing and extensive areas of geographical mosaic images digitally and will produce a uniform for you. Another useful tool is the set TerraMatch to use it for precision and quality can be dramatically improved RAW images produced by laser scanners. The program was conducted by comparing the overlap of images of laser scans and calculates the common areas with the lowest error rate, so errors do overlap.


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