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Tutorials on Analysis of Piles using Oasys


Oasys Pile 19.5
The latest update to Oasys Pile improves the settlement calculation element of the program with the addition of t-z curves. Staged loading capability has also been added, which together with t-z curves allows the analysis of cyclic vertically loaded single piles to be carried out. With thermal piles increasingly being used as building foundations, the program update also includes a simplified method of analysing piles which experience a number of thermal loading cycles throughout their design life. An investigation using the updated program to compare cyclic mechanical loading and cyclic thermal loading was also the subject of a recent MSc project at Imperial College, London, in which several case studies were presented.

Analysis of Single Piles
Do you need to size piles for vertical and lateral loads, or to design the reinforcement and check the cracking? Would you like to understand how to design piles to Eurocode 7 and the commercial tools available to do so?

The Tutorial will:
* Introduce the theoretical basis of analysis of single piles and the theory behind Oasys Pile, Alp and AdSec.
* Show how the Oasys Piling Suite can be used model the vertical and lateral capacity, settlements and cross sectional performance of single piles.
* Outline the process for Pile design to EC7 using Oasys Pile and its new automated EC7 feature.

Entering Pile-Soil Interaction Data
Oasys Pdisp offers a quicker and more accurate way to predict soil displacement than using Newmark charts. The program predicts displacements in a soil mass due to vertical and horizontal loads, showing the likely settlement pattern beneath and beyond the loaded area.

Capacity and Settlement Analysis
Oasys Pile software uses new and traditional techniques to calculate the vertical load carrying capacities of piles in a layered soil deposit. It works with drained (frictional) and undrained (cohesive) soils and shows the results in a clear graphical format that can be exported easily.

Other Tutorials on Oasys Pile Modelling, Analysis and Design

  • Thermal Cyclic Loading
  • T Z Curves Staged LoadingUsing Oasys Pile for EC7 Calculations Case Study Examples – Single Piles


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