Beranda CIVIL ENGINEERING PROGRAM STAADPRO Udemy – STAAD Pro Certification Course (Steel Large Span Structures) 2020-1

Udemy – STAAD Pro Certification Course (Steel Large Span Structures) 2020-1



STAAD Pro Certification Course (Steel Large Span Structures) is a STAAD Pro software training course and design and analysis of Steel Large Span Structures, published by Udemy Academy. This course provides the user with more than 8.5 hours of video content along with a case of masters and purposeful exercises, and covers important topics such as load analysis of steel structures. The first part of this training course deals with the design and analysis of truss structures according to the AISC 360 standard. In this section, you will get acquainted with all the details of truss structures and the applications of these structures in residential and industrial architecture. Among the most important topics taught in the first part, we can mention the manual design of Purlin and the desire for transverse restraint, and the analysis and modeling of various truss structures.

The second part of this training course focuses on the topic of linear buckling analysis of different building elements in a completely unilateral way. Linear buckling analysis can be performed on many structural components and building elements and is of great importance. Among the most important topics covered in the second part, we can mention the linear buckling analysis of columns manually and the buckling analysis of various steel elements such as I-shaped steel beams, etc. The third part of this course also discusses the relationship between prefabricated structures and buildings and describes the process of design, modeling and analysis of these structures in great detail. In designing prefabricated structures, the instructor has paid attention to two different Indian and American standards, IS800 and AISC 360-ASCE 07, and very valuable points will be made about both standards and their provisions.

What you will learn in STAAD Pro Certification Course (Steel Large Span Structures)

  • Design and modeling of metal truss structures based on AISC 360 standard
  • Calculation and determination of wind load based on ASCE standards 07-16 and IS 875-2015
  • Linear buckling analysis of I-shaped elements
  • Design and modeling of prefabricated structures and buildings based on the standards and regulations of India and the United States

Course specifications

Publisher: Udemy
Instructors: Structural Engineering Courses
Language: English
Level: Expert
Number of Lessons: 22
Duration: 8 hours


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