Beranda CODE EUROCODE Worked Examples According to EN1993-1-3: Eurocode 3 Part 1.3

Worked Examples According to EN1993-1-3: Eurocode 3 Part 1.3


The examples have been updated following the provisions given in EN 1993-1-3. Some new examples have been also included. These examples show applicability of design provisions in EN 1993-1-3 in practice. They also help in interpretation of the guidance given in the code.Chapter 2 contains examples related to one industrial building. Different aspects related to the design of structural components have been included: Example A: Roof sheeting; Example B: Liner trays; Example C: Purlins; Example D: Portal frames; Example E: End wall and wind bracing.Chapter 3 contains additional examples for specific structural elements or features of EN 1993-1-3, which are included to assist in practical use of the provision: Example F: C-section in compression and bending about axis of symmetry; Example G. U-section in bending and compression; Example H: C-section in compression; Example I: Hat section upper chord of lattice girder; Example J: Sheeting with stiffeners in flange and web; Example K: Inelastic reserve of sheeting; Example L: Double C-section as end column

The calculations are based on the provisions of EN 1993-1-3. Also parts EN 1993-1-5 and EN 1993-1-1 are required in the calculations. In some cases engineering judgement has been followed. If other methods in addition to Eurocode 3 have been used it has been clearly noted in the examples.


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