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Tutorial dan Ebooks Gratis

Selamat datang di SIPILPEDIA teman-teman Civil Engineer

SIPILPEDIA adalah sarana online untuk berdiskusi dan memudahkan teman-teman Civil Engineer untuk mengakses dan mencari referensi tentang Ebook, Tutorial, Software, Lowongan Kerja dan lain sebagainya. It’s All About Civil Engineer  !!!!

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Tutorial, Software dan Ebook GRATIS


SAP2000 V19
ETABS 2016 V16.01


Watch and Learn Series for SAP2000 (26 Videos)

ETABS 2016
Modul Pelatihan ETABS (pdf)
Perencanaan Dinding Geser (pdf)
Perencanaan Dinding Geser Kantilever (pdf)
Design of Tall Buildings (3 Videos 39 Menit)

Basic Lesson (9 Videos)


200 Questions and Answers on Practical Civil Engineering Works
A Brief Study of Using Membrane Sheel Plate in Assigning a Slab or Wall
A Practical Equation for Elastic Modulus of Concrete
Advanced Materials and Techniques for Reinforced Concrete Structures
Advances in FRP Composites in Civil Engineering
Aluminum Design Manual
Analysis And Design Of Marine Structures
Analysis and Design of Shear Wall
Analysis Of Shear Wall Subjected To Lateral Load
Analytical Modelling of Structural Systems
ASCE 7-10 Wind Loads For Signs, Other Structures, Roof top Structures & Equipment, And Other Special Conditions
Basic Principles of Plate Theory
Behavior, Analysis, And Design Of Complex Wall Systems
BIM Handbook – A Guide To Building Information Modeling For Owners, Managers, Designers, Engineers, And Contractors
Braced Frameworks An Introduction to the Theory of Structures
Building Engineering and Systems Design
Building Information Modeling
Burj Dubai Structural Systems


ACI Mix Design
ACI Detailing Notes
Advanced Concrete Technology 1~ Constituent Materials
Advanced Concrete Technology Concrete Properties
Advanced Concrete Technology Constituent Materials
Advanced Concrete Technology Processes
Advanced Concrete Technology Testing and Quality
Advanced Concrete Technology
Advanced Materials and Techniques for Reinforced Concrete Structures
Alkali Activated Cements and Concretes
Alkali Silica Reaction
An introduction to prestressed concrete
Analysis and Design of Reinforced Concrete Bridge Structures
Analysis of Concrete Structures by Fracture Mechanics
Anchorage in Concrete Construction
Basics of Concrete Science
Binders for Durable and Sustainable Concrete (Modern Concrete Technology Series) by P-C AitCin
Binders for Durable and Sustainable Concrete
Blueprint Reading
Bonded Cement-Based Material Overlays for the Repair, the Lining or the Strengthening of Slabs or Pavements
Building Design and Construction Handbook
Concrete Form work System


A Comendium of Steel References for the Design Office
Advancces in Steel Structures
Advanced Analysis And Design of Spatial Structures
Advanced Analysis and Design of Steel Frames
Advanced Steel Structures – Fire and Fatigue Design
Advances in Steel Structures
AISC Design Examples v14
AISC Design Examples
AISC NISD Detailing for Steel Construction (2nd Edition)
Analysis and design of plated structures
Anchor Bolt Design
anchorage strength and behavior of headed bars in
Applied Plastic Design In Steel
Applied Structural Steel Design
Architects Guide to Stainless Steel
ASCE 48-11 Steel Transmission Pole Structures
Assessment and Refurbishment of Steel Structures
Assessment of Existing Steel Structures
Australian Steel Detailers Handbook
Base Plate and Anchor Rod Design
Best Practices in Steel – Industrial Buildings
Best Practices in Steel – Residential
Best Practices in Steel Construction – Commercial Building
Blast and Progressive Collapse
BSI Erection Manual


AASTHO Horizontally Curved Steel Girder Highway Bridges
Bridge Design Aids
Bridge Design Manual LRFD
Bridges Hydraulics
Design of Highway Bridges
PCI Bridge Design Manual
Prestessed Bridges
Cable Vibrations in Cable-Stayed Bridges
Structural Bearings and Expansion Joints for Bridges
Workshop on Bridge Design to Eurocodes
Design Manual For Roads And Bridges – Loads For Highway Bridges
10th International Bridges and Structure Management
9th International Bridge Management Conference
A Design Mmanual for Small Bridges
A Guide to The Construction of Segmental Bridges
AAHSTO LRFD Bridge Design Specifications (5th Edition)
AASHTO – Guide Speccifications for Design of Pedestrian Bridges
AASHTO LRFD Bridge Design Specifications (2007) (SI)
AASHTO LRFD Bridge Design Specifications (6th Eition) (2012 US)
AASHTO Maintenance Manual for Roadways and Bridges (4th Edition)
AASHTO Standard Specifications for Highway Bridges (17th Edition)
Accelerated Bridge Construction – Best Practices and Techniques
Analysis and Design of Reinforced Concrete Bridges
Analysis of Box Girder and Truss Bridges
Application of Precast Deck and Other Elements to Bridge Structures
Bailey Bridge
Best Practices In Bridge Management Decision Making


300 Solved Problems in Soil, Rock Mechanics and Foundation Engineering
A Collection of Frequently used Soil Parameters and Correlations
A Designers’ Simple Guide to BS EN 1997
A Finite Element Framework for Geotechnical Applications Based on Object-Orientated Programming
A Short Course in Geotechnical Site Investigation
A Structured Cam Clay Model
Acoustic Emission – Microseismic Activity Principles, Techniques and Geotechnical Applications
Advanced Foundation Engineering
Advanced Geotechnical Analyses
Advanced Soil Mechanics (Thai Language)
Advanced Soil Mechanics 3rd Edition
Advanced Unsaturated Soil Mechanics and Engineering – Bruce Menzies – 2007
Advanced Unsaturated Soil Mechanics and Engineering
An Introduction to Geotechnical Engineering
An Introduction to Helical Foundation Systems
An Introduction to Soil Dynamics (Theory and Applications of Transport in Porous Media)
An introduction to soil mechanics and foundations
Analysis and Design of Shallow and Deep Foundations
Analysis of Beams on Elastic Foundations
Analysis of Soil Penetration, Theoretical Background
Anchor Bolt Design
Applications of Computational mechanics in Geotechnical Engineering
Applied Soil Mechanics with ABAQUS Applications
ASCE – Subsurface Drainage for Slope Stabilization
ASCE 20-96 – Standard Guidelines for the Design and Installation of Pile Foundations
Assessing the Long-Term Performance of Mechanically Stabilized Earth Walls
Axial Capacity of Piles Supported on Intermediate Geomaterials

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