Beranda CODE ASTM ASTM 2014 Standards

ASTM 2014 Standards


Section 1— Iron and Steel Products
Volume 01.01 Steel—Piping, Tubing, Fittings
Volume 01.02 Ferrous Castings; Ferroalloys
Volume 01.03 Steel—Plate, Sheet, Strip, Wire; Stainless Steel Bar
Volume 01.04 Steel—Structural, Reinforcing, Pressure Vessel, Railway
Volume 01.05 Steel—Bars, Forgings, Bearing, Chain, Tool
Volume 01.06 Coated Steel Products
Volume 01.07 Ships and Marine Technology
Volume 01.08 Fasteners; Rolling Element Bearings

Section 2 —Nonferrous Metal Products
Volume 02.01 Copper and Copper Alloys
Volume 02.02 Aluminum and Magnesium Alloys
Volume 02.03 Electrical Conductors
Volume 02.04 Nonferrous Metals—Nickel, Titanium, Lead, Tin, Zinc, Zirconium, Precious, Reactive, Refractory Metals and Alloys; Materials for Thermostats, Electrical Heating and Resistance Contacts, and Connectors
Volume 02.05 Metallic and Inorganic Coatings; Metal Powders and Metal Powder Products

Section 3—Metals Test Methods and Analytical Procedures
Volume 03.01 Metals—Mechanical Testing; Elevated and Low-Temperature Tests; Metallography
Volume 03.02 Corrosion of Metals; Wear and Erosion
Volume 03.03 Nondestructive Testing
Volume 03.04 Magnetic Properties
Volume 03.05 Analytical Chemistry for Metals, Ores, and Related Materials
Volume 03.06 Molecular Spectroscopy and Separation Science; Surface Analysis

Section 4—Construction
Volume 04.01 Cement; Lime; Gypsum
Volume 04.02 Concrete and Aggregates
Volume 04.03 Road and Paving Materials; Vehicle-Pavement Systems
Volume 04.04 Roofing and Waterproofing
Volume 04.05 Chemical-Resistant Nonmetallic Materials; Vitrified Clay Pipe; Concrete Pipe; Fiber-Reinforced Cement Products; Mortars and Grouts; Masonry; Precast Concrete
Volume 04.06 Thermal Insulation; Building and Environmental Acoustics
Volume 04.07 Building Seals and Sealants; Fire Standards; Dimension Stone
Volume 04.08 Soil and Rock (I): D420 – D5876
Volume 04.09 Soil and Rock (II): D5877 – latest
Volume 04.10 Wood
Volume 04.11 Building Constructions (I): E72 – E2110
Volume 04.12 Building Constructions (II): E2112 – latest; Sustainability; Asset Management; Technology and Underground Utilities
Volume 04.13 Geosynthetics

Section 5—Petroleum Products, Lubricants, and Fossil Fuels
Volume 05.01 Petroleum Products, Liquid Fuels, and Lubricants (I): C1234 – D3710
Volume 05.02 Petroleum Products, Liquid Fuels, and Lubricants (II): D3711 – D6122
Volume 05.03 Petroleum Products, Liquid Fuels, and Lubricants (III): D6138 – D6971
Volume 05.04 Petroleum Products, Liquid Fuels, and Lubricants (IV): D6973 – latest
Volume 05.05 Combustion Characteristics; Manufactured Carbon and Graphite Products; Catalysts
Volume 05.06 Gaseous Fuels; Coal and Coke; Bioenergy and Industrial Chemicals from Biomass

Section 6—Paints, Related Coatings, and Aromatics
Volume 06.01 Paint—Tests for Chemical, Physical, and Optical Properties; Appearance
Volume 06.02 Paint—Products and Applications; Protective Coatings; Pipeline Coatings
Volume 06.03 Paint—Pigments, Polymers, Resins, Naval Stores, Cellulosic Esters, and Ink Vehicles
Volume 06.04 Paint—Solvents; Aromatic Hydrocarbons

Section 7— Textiles
Volume 07.01 Textiles (I): D76 – D4391
Volume 07.02 Textiles (II): D4393 – latest

Section 8 —Plastics
Volume 08.01 Plastics (I): C1147 – D3159
Volume 08.02 Plastics (II): D3222 – D5083
Volume 08.03 Plastics (III): D5117 – latest; Reinforced Plastic Piping Systems and Chemical Equipment; Plastic Building Products
Volume 08.04 Plastic Piping Systems

Section 9—Rubber
Volume 09.01 Rubber, Natural and Synthetic—General Test Methods; Carbon Black
Volume 09.02 Rubber Products, Industrial—Specifications and Related Test Methods; Gaskets; Tires

Section 10—Electrical Insulation and Electronics
Volume 10.01 Electrical Insulation (I): D69 – D2484
Volume 10.02 Electrical Insulation (II): D2518 – latest
Volume 10.03 Electrical Insulating Liquids and Gases; Electrical Protective Equipment
Volume 10.04 Electronics; Declarable Substances in Materials; 3D Imaging Systems; Additive Manufacturing Technologies

Section 11—Water and Environmental Technology
Volume 11.01 Water (I)
Volume 11.02 Water (II)
Volume 11.03 Occupational Health and Safety; Protective Clothing
Volume 11.04 Waste Management
Volume 11.05 Pesticides, Antimicrobials, and Alternative Control Agents; Environmental Assessment; Hazardous Substances and Oil Spill Response
Volume 11.06 Environmental Assessment, Risk Management and Corrective Action
Volume 11.07 Air Quality

Section 12—Nuclear, Solar, and Geothermal Energy
Volume 12.01 Nuclear Energy (I)
Volume 12.02 Nuclear (II), Solar and Geothermal Energy; Radiation Processing

Section 13—Medical Devices and Services
Volume 13.01 Medical and Surgical Materials and Devices (I): E667 – F2477
Volume 13.02 Medical and Surgical Materials and Devices (II): F2502 – latest; Emergency Medical Services; Search and Rescue; Anesthetic and Respiratory Equipment

Section 14—General Methods and Instrumentation
Volume 14.01 Healthcare Informatics
Volume 14.02 General Test Methods; Forensic Psychophysiology; Forensic Sciences; Conformity Assessment; Statistical Methods; Nanotechnology; Forensic Engineering; Manufacture of Pharmaceutical Products
Volume 14.03 Temperature Measurement
Volume 14.04 Laboratory Apparatus; Degradation of Materials; SI; Oxygen Fire Safety

Section 15—General Products, Chemical Specialties, and End Use Products
Volume 15.01 Refractories; Activated Carbon; Advanced Ceramics
Volume 15.02 Glass; Ceramic Whitewares
Volume 15.03 Space Simulation; Aerospace and Aircraft; Composite Materials
Volume 15.04 Soaps and Other Detergents; Polishes; Leather; Resilient Floor Coverings
Volume 15.05 Engine Coolants; Halogenated Organic Solvents and Fire Extinguishing Agents; Industrial and Specialty Chemicals
Volume 15.06 Adhesives
Volume 15.07 Sports Equipment and Facilities; Pedestrian/Walkway Safety and Footwear; Amusement Rides and Devices; Snow Skiing
Volume 15.08 Sensory Evaluation; Vacuum Cleaners; Security Systems and Equipment; Detention and Correctional Facilities; Homeland Security Applications
Volume 15.09 Paper and Paper Products; Business Imaging Products
Volume 15.10 Packaging; Flexible Barrier Packaging
Volume 15.11 Consumer Products; Light Sport Aircraft; Unmanned Aircraft Systems; Aircraft Systems; Unmanned Maritime Vehicle Systems (UMVS); Language Services and Products; General Aviation Aircraft
Volume 15.12 Livestock, Meat, and Poultry Evaluation Systems; Food Service Equipment

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