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CIRIA Reports (Construction Industry Research and Information Association)

CIRIA is the construction industry research and information association.As a neutral, independent, not-for-profit body, we link organisations with common interests and facilitate a range of collaborative activities that help improve the industry.
  • CIRIA Guide To The Reinforced Concrete Arabian Peninsula
  • CIRIA 104 Embedded Retaining Walls in Stiff Clay
  • CIRIA C515 Groundwater Control – Design and Practice
  • CIRIA C515 Groundwater Control Design and Practice
  • CIRIA C516 Gravity Retaining Walls
  • CIRIA C517 Temporary Propping of Deep Excavation
  • CIRIA C534 Civil Engineering Design And Construct
  • CIRIA C543 Bridge Detailing Guide
  • CIRIA C551 Manual on scour at bridges and other hydraulic structures
  • CIRIA C562 Geophysics in Engineering Investigations
  • CIRIA C580 Embedded retaining walls
  • CIRIA C581 Facilities Management Manuals a Best Practice Guide
  • CIRIA C589 retention of masonry facades
  • CIRIA C623 Standards for the Repair of Buildings Following Flooding
  • CIRIA C632 Guidance on gazing at height
  • CIRIA C637 Soil Nailing Best Practice
  • CIRIA C641 EC7 Geotechnical Design Implications for UK Practice
  • CIRIA C659 Assessing Risks posed by Hazardous Gound Gases to Buildings C659
  • CIRIA C660 R91 Early age thermal cracking
  • CIRIA C683 The Rock Manual
  • CIRIA C689 Culvert Design
  • CIRIA C697 The SUDS Manual
  • CIRIA C698 Construction of SUDS
  • CIRIA Design Of Reinforced Flat Slabs To BS 8110 (CIRIA 110)
  • CIRIA G1 Anchor Block Design
  • CIRIA G1Anchor Block Design
  • CIRIA G2 Design of Deep Beams in Reinforced Concrete
  • CIRIA G25 Site Investigation Manual
  • CIRIA G3 Structural Action in Steel Box Girders
  • CIRIA Ground Engineering Report – Prefabricated Vertical Drainsdesign and Performance
  • CIRIA Guide To The Reinforced Concrete in Arabian Gulf
  • CIRIA PG2 Review of problems associated with the construction of cast in place concrete piles
  • CIRIA PG3 Use Influence of Bentonite Bored Pile
  • CIRIA PG7 Pile load testing procedures
  • CIRIA R099 Composite beams slabs
  • CIRIA R102 Design of shear wal buildings
  • CIRIA R102 Design of shear walls
  • CIRIA R119 Guide on the Use of Groynes in Coastal Engineering
  • CIRIA R121 Design of low-lift pumping stations
  • CIRIA R155 Bridge Design for improved buildability
  • CIRIA R156 Infiltration Drainage
  • CIRIA R163 Construction of bunds for oil storage tanks
  • CIRIA R168 design of culverts
  • CIRIA R181 Piled Foundation in weak rock
  • CIRIA R181 Piled Foundation in week rocks
  • CIRIA R74 Friction Loss During Prestressing
  • CIRIA R77 Prop Loads in Large Braced Excavation
  • CIRIA R89 Behaviour Of Reinforced Concrete flat slabs
  • CIRIA R91 Early age Thermal Crack Control in Concrete
  • CIRIA R93 Painting of Steelwork
  • CIRIA R98 Material Durability in agressive ground
  • CIRIA SP125 Control of Risk A Guide to the Systematic Management of Risk From Construction
  • CIRIA SP129 Value management in construction-a clients guide
  • CIRIA SP147 Trenchless and minimum excavation techniques planning and selection-CPS
  • CIRIA SP25 Site Investigation Manual
  • CIRIA SP83 1991 Manual for the Use of Rock in Coastal and Shoreline Engineering
  • CIRIA TN107 Design for Movement in Building
  • CIRIA TN108 Flexibility Coefficients for Design of Pile and Pile Group
  • CIRIA TN98 Design Guidance Note For Friction Grip Bolted Connections
  • CIRIA w001 Best practice guidance for site characterisation Safety
  • CIRIA w008 The Lively Minds Club
  • CIRIA R103 Design of Laterally Loaded Piles
  • CIRIA R104 Embedded Retaining Walls Stiff Clay
  • CIRIA R108 Concrete Pressure on Formwork
  • CIRIA R110 Design Of Reinforced Flat Slabs To BS 8110
  • CIRIA R143 SPT
  • CIRIA R144 Integrity testing in piling practice
  • Designed and Detailed – Eurocode 2


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