Beranda CIVIL ENGINEERING PROGRAM ETABS CSI ETABS Professional Training Series 2019

CSI ETABS Professional Training Series 2019


CSI ETABS Professional Training Series, a new collection of video tutorials on learning software and design tools that are ETABS. The period before you as a specialized course designed for structural engineers and construction and has been published. ETABS is a software-based FEM software is used by the world’s engineers and designers. As a student how to design static and dynamic types of engineering structures will see the basic level of education.

Also in this period will be familiar with different content. Familiarity with the definitions section of the frame, studied structural modeling, analysis and twist hard structures is only part of what you are watching this comprehensive course information’ll get from them. It also helps you with full control of parameters such as deviation, reinforcement for concrete columns, beams, shear walls designed to optimize your pages. At the end of this course you’ll be ready to design all kinds of infrastructures.

Where the course is taught:

  • Trading materials, basic design principles in software ETABS
  • Learn the skills necessary for the analysis of structure-based models
  • Element analysis of stiffness and twist like structures
  • Understanding the modeling of static and dynamic types of structures

Content Course
51 lectures 10:24:38

Introduction, Draw grids, Reference planes and points
3 lectures 18:16

Project New
2 lectures 15:44

Properties Define, Material, Section, Mass source, Load pattern, load combs
11 lectures 01:41:50

Check Delta Analysis P (How to include P-delta effects)
2 lectures 29:15

Of Mass and Center of Rigidity Center (Building and Eccentricity Check)
2 lectures 13:52

Mass (Weight) Irregularity check as per ASCE 7 -16
1 lecture 02:33

Displacement Story, Story Drift and Story Drift checks as per ASCE 7-16 UBC 97 &
3 lectures 27:44

Irregularity check Torsion
2 lectures 15:01

Case Analysis Modal [Eigen or Ritz Vectors], Time period
1 lecture 11:05

Axis Global and Local (Moment Shear 2-2 3-3 2-2 3-3 and Understanding
2 lectures 18:51

Finite Element Method and Method Based Design with Strip Slab Concrete (FEM)
1 lecture 22:24

Examples Analysis Truss
3 lectures 28:46

Structure analysis and design Steel
1 lecture 14:20

Of Steel Frame with connection design Building Design
3 lectures 59:39

TV Studio design of building Full (with no column in the hall)
2 lectures 47:37

Analysis Method lateral load Equivalent
2 lectures 36:16

Spectrum Analysis Response (RSA) Method
2 lectures 34:08

History Analysis Time
3 lectures 52:37


Penulis :
Bahasa : English
Durasi : 10:24:38
Format : .mp4
Ukuran : 4.37 GB


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