Beranda CIVIL ENGINEERING PROGRAM ETABS Etabs Professional – Advance Steel Course

Etabs Professional – Advance Steel Course


Basic Analysis like Beams , Columns and Frame.
3D Steel Space Truss
Bill Board
Cilo Structure
Steel Building
Pre Engineered Building

Steel Structures from Scratch to Pro

What you’ll learn:
Etabs from Steel prospective
Basic Analysis of Steel Structure
Advance Analysis of Steel Structure
3D Steel Space Structure
Approach of Creating the Joints
Define the Material Property
Define the Section Property
Bill board Steel Structure
How to tackle the Instability
How to Solve the Warnings
Analysis of the Deformed Shape
Analysis of the Member Forces
Shear Connected Frame vs Moment Connected Frame
Complex Modelling
Cilo Structures
Pre Engineered Steel Building
Import the Sections
Response Spectrum
Steel Building in Etabs
Application of Basic Load
Application of Seismic Load
Application of Wind Load
Analysis of Steel Structures
Design of Steel Strcutures
How to passed the failed Section
Optimization of Steel Structures
Detailing of Steel Structures
Design of Connection in Etabs v16
Material List
Composite Beam Design

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Ukuran : 5.45 GB
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