Beranda CODE AISC Interactive AISC Standards, Design Guides, Examples, Manuals, FAQs

Interactive AISC Standards, Design Guides, Examples, Manuals, FAQs


This file includes all AISC Standards, Design Guides, Examples, Manuals, FAQs, Books, Manual Tables & Seismic Design Manuals.

There are some very useful features within this file as the followings:
– You can search in all of these files with just one attempt. (For example, if you want to find about torsion in steel elements, but you don’t know where to find it. In this case, you can easily search “torsion” and this file brings you a list of findings in all of these files.) Please see the 6th figure of screenshots.
– The ability of extraction and save of each file as a single pdf file, separately
– All files are searchable, and can be searched separately or together
– Easily access to the files within the interactive program
– A complete series of AISC standards (AISC-360, AISC-341, AISC-358) from 2005 revision to 2016 revision. Design guides are also the latest and the complete ones (From AISC Design Guide 1 to 33) and also for other files

Finally, if you find any specific AISC standard or file that you may need to be added to this program, please mention that below to add it to this program.

Hope it can be useful for structural designers and students.

Update :

* AISC Design Guide 34 (Steel-Framed Stairway Design)
* AISC Design Examples-Ver. 15

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Format : pdf
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