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Microsoft Project is the standard-bearing tool to help project managers track all the vitals of their projects: tasks, resources, schedule, and cost. With the 2013 version of Project, Microsoft introduces several new features and improves existing ones. In this course, author Brian will guide users through techniques that allow project managers to quickly get up to speed on this powerful toolkit. Users will learn how to start projects, create and edit tasks, assign resources to tasks, share project information, and much more. To begin learning today, simply click on the movie links.


  • Course Overview
  • The Project Window
  • A Look Backstage
  • Navigating the Ribbon
  • Intro to Project Views

 Getting Started

  • Create a New Project Plan
  • Enter Task Names
  • Enter Durations
  • Enter a Milestone
  • Linking Tasks
  • Saving a Project

Scheduling a Project

  • Gantt Chart Scheduling
  • Document Tasks
  • Project Duration
  • Assign Working Time
  • Use an Alternate Calendar
  • Working Time Exceptions
  • Delete a Calendar

Assigning Resources to TaskS

  • Set Up People Resources
  • Resource Capacity and Type
  • Resource Pay
  • Resource Cost
  • Resource Notes
  • Duration / Units / Work
  • Assign a Resource to a Task
  • Add or Remove Resources
  • The Task Form and Work
  • Set Working Time Exceptions
  • Set Up a Part-Time Worker
  • Delete a Resource

 Task Relationships

  • Switch to Automatic Scheduling
  • Summary Tasks
  • Finish to Start Relationships
  • Modify a Task Dependency
  • Lag and Lead Tasks
  • Placeholder Task Options
  • Cut / Copy / Paste
  • Task Constraints
  • Add and Change Constraints
  • Prevent Unwanted Date Constraints
  • Set Project Deadlines
  • Change the Default Task Type

Viewing the Plan and Tracking Progress

  • Effort Driven Tasks
  • Configure Effort Driven Tasks
  • Assign a Cost Resource
  • Assign a Material Resource
  • View Project Duration and Cost
  • Create a Recurring Task
  • Save a Baseline
  • Enter Task Completion
  • Enter Actual Work Values
  • Gantt Chart Formatting pt. 1
  • Gantt Chart Formatting pt. 2
  • Customize the Timeline
  • Timeline Pan and Zoom
  • Annotate the Gantt Chart
  • Configure Gantt Timescale

Making Project Adjustments

  • Use the Task Inspector
  • Adjust Work Time for Specific Tasks
  • Change Task Types
  • Task Types and Views
  • View the Critical Path
  • Manually Configure a Summary Task
  • Inactivate a Task
  • Interrupt Work on a Task
  • Multiple Resource Availability
  • Multiple Pay Rates for a Resource
  • Multiple Resource Cost Tables
  • Apply an Assignment Contour
  • Delay Work on a Task
  • View Resource Capacity
  • The Team Planner

Refining Your Project

  • Update the Project Baseline
  • Use an Interim Plan
  • Track Remaining Work
  • Track Remaining Cost
  • Enter Costs Manually
  • Identify Project Slack
  • Reschedule Incomplete Work
  • Identify Task Slippage
  • Use Additional Baselines

Communicating Project Details

  • Run a Report
  • Print Views and Reports
  • Adjust Report Printing
  • Copy and Paste Views
  • Highlight Task Relationships
  • Format a Calendar View
  • Format a Network Diagram
  • Advanced Printing Options
  • Custom Reports
  • Manage a Custom Report

Project Collaboration

  • Use a Template
  • Create a Resource Pool
  • Open a Sharer Project
  • Connect to a Resource Pool
  • Tasks with a Resource Pool
  • Troubleshoot Overallocations
  • Use a Master Project
  • Dependencies Between Projects
  • Link Tasks in Master Projects

Ending a Project

  • Summarize a Project
  • Filter / Sort / Group Data
  • Compare Projects
  • Archive Project Info
  • Importing from Excel


  • Course Wrap Up

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