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Lynda Dynamo for Revit Workflow


Dynamo allows Revit users to build custom tools to solve their problems in smarter, faster ways. This course teaches you how to apply basic visual programming concepts to architectural design in Revit, including automating various design, documentation, analysis, and BIM management tasks. Learn how to use Dynamo for numbering rooms, calculating occupant loads, evaluating the efficiency of a room’s furniture layout, verifying adherence to building code, and dimensioning rooms. Each chapter features start-to-finish examples of Dynamo in action, solving and automating the kind of tasks architects face every day.

Topics include:

Renumbering rooms by their building level
Reading Revit element data with Dynamo
Setting Revit parameter values
Calculating occupant loads
Analyzing room layouts
Interpreting Revit geometry and curtain panel boundaries
Generating architectural patterns based on random numbers


Pembicara : Ian Siegel
Bahasa : English
Format : .mp4
Durasi : 01:29:00
Ukuran : 291 Mb


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Daftar disini

Welcome 1m 7s 
Exercise files 1m 21s 

1. Renumber Rooms by Level 
Roadmap: Renumber rooms by level 3m 48s 
Read Revit parameter data with Dynamo 5m 24s 
Remove characters from strings 5m 43s 
Concatenate lists of strings with Dynamo 4m 26s 
Set Revit parameter values with Dynamo 3m 29s 
Create your own custom nodes 6m 19s
2. Occupancy Calculations 
Roadmap: Calculating occupant loads 4m 
Gather room area and occupancy data 1m 13s 
Calculate occupant loads with Dynamo 5m 12s 
Count family instances for a parameter 4m 21s 

3. Analysis 
Roadmap: Analyzing room layout 2m 22s 
Draw lines between element locations 4m 17s 
Understanding list lacing 4m 49s 
Filter line lengths with a Boolean mask 4m 47s 
Highlight Revit elements with Dynamo 4m 14s
4. Computational Design 
Roadmap: Attractor-driven curtain panels 2m 54s 
Find boundaries of Revit Curtain Panels 6m 55s 
Set an attractor point 2m 47s 
Remap a range of numbers 4m 25s 
Generate a random list of numbers 4m 6s 
Next steps 1m 37s



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