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Lynda Revit Create Signage Plans


Many medium- and large-scale architectural projects include signage. So why not produce signage plans in the software you already use for the rest of your BIM projects—Revit? This course explores creating simple signage plans using model text, custom families, and vector artwork from Illustrator or AutoCAD. Paul F. Aubin also teaches ways to create illuminated and curved signs, and shows how to document the design in its own package or as signage sheets as part of a larger construction document set. There is no need to leave Revit to create these kinds of deliverables. Learn to add signage documentation directly to your existing Revit workflow.


Pembicara : Paul F Aubin
Bahasa : English
Format : .mp4
Durasi : 04:30:00
Ukuran : 884 MB


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Welcome 55s 
Using the exercise files 34s 

1. 3D Signage 
Create model text 8m 40s 
Signage seed family 7m 28s 
Model text in families 11m 29s 
Self-illumination 9m 46s 
Lighted signs 12m 5s 
Scalable signs 13m 9s
2. Model Text along a Curve 
Curved text in the traditional Family Editor 11m 3s 
Curved text in the massing Family Editor 10m 46s 
Use Dynamo to process signage text 12m 29s 
Use Dynamo to edit families 10m 13s 

3. Moving beyond Model Text 
Create void text 10m 26s 
Use decals 6m 3s 
Understand limitations of model text 12m 40s 
Create outline files 10m 53s 
Create logos and smooth text 11m 46s 
Create outlined text in AutoCAD 10m 51s
4. Configuring Signage Families for Documentation 
Incorporate detail items into 3D signage families 9m 52s 
Control location and visibility 8m 34s 
Shared parameters 8m 17s 
Shared families 7m 33s
5. Creating a Signage Package 
Create signage plans 6m 21s 
Create a signage tag 9m 32s 
Place signage tags 6m 40s 
Schedule signage 7m 23s 
Input mark values with Dynamo 10m 33s 
Export a schedule to Excel 9m 21s 
Use Dynamo to input room info 10m 33s 
Output 3m 25s 
Next steps 58s


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